⁻ A warranty/service centre for repairing, servicing and overhauling in our in-house workshop for the following avionics products:

– Radios – DME – ELT
– ADF – Transponder  – Audio controller
– Radars – GPS – Headset

⁻ Complex systems integration and installation of multiple avionics system vendors through teaming arrangements with major OEMs and STC holders

⁻ Establishing our own STCs, EOs and MOD Packages with access to our own DERs/DARs

⁻ Deployment of Engineering/Installation teams for overseas installation and commissioning of avionics installations

⁻ Offering a series of choice/option interfaces for end user to choose from today’s challenging environment of multiple options on commercial and military products

⁻ Manufacturing of harnesses


⁻ Repair centre for all Airbus cockpit seats and cabin interiors equipment

⁻ Cabin interior refurbishment & re-certification, cabin sweeps and interior plastics repair works

⁻ Interior plastic components repair and reinstatement

⁻ Airline passenger and attendant seats repairs

⁻ Hydraulic accumulator repair & overhaul

– Leather restoration

Representation, Consultancy & Program Management

⁻ Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM, Checks, Engine O/H, etc.)

⁻ Complex structuring of multiple channel partners involving principals, government agencies, vendors and financial institutions

⁻ Provide marketing, sales and servicing for aircrafts

⁻ Avionic sales and system consultancy

⁻ Program management for cabin reconfiguration, redeliveries and return lease

– Design & Certification – A Part 21 organization

Other Services

⁻In-situ repair

⁻On-site repairs/refurbishment


⁻Design and integration

⁻Installation and commissioning of avionics systems