KDF 806- Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

KDF 806- Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

KDF 806

Bendix King

The all solid-state Bendix King KDF 806 is the acknowledged standard in remote-mounted ADF systems. Incorporating “coherent detection” technology, the KDF 806 is able to select weak or distant signals with a high level of accuracy. This capability helps reject interference and eliminate bearing errors, even during thunderstorms, to give you reliable ADF tracking. All ADF frequencies, from 190 kHz to 1799 kHz (with an option to include marine frequencies up to 2182 kHz), are generated by a digital synthesizer.

Technical Specifications

Power Required 11-33 VDCKFS
Weight 3.50 lb. (1.59 kg)
Width 2.00 in. (5.08 cm)
Height 5.00 in. (12.70 cm)
Length 10.00 in. (25.40 cm)
TSO C37b, C38b
DO 160ENV DO-142
Price: $0.00